1- Application


I submitted my application to SPCA to become a volunteer. Honestly, the reason I even considered becoming a volunteer at the SPCA shelter was because my boyfriend told me about the opportunity, and we thought it would be a fun thing to do together while also gaining NHS hours. After filling out the application, I’m very excited to hear back and I really hope I become a volunteer. It would be fun to get NHS hours by working and playing with animals. My mom claims she’s “allergic to cats and dogs,” but I do not believe her. She just says that as an excuse for us to never get a pet. Working at the shelter would give me the chance to play with animals and prepare me in case I ever get a pet, which I hope I can do in the future. The application was a bit more extensive than I thought it would be, which made the application a little more intimidating. I guess the shelter leaders really want to make sure they choose the best volunteers for their shelter, but I have no idea how selective the volunteer program is. I’ll find out after I hear back from them.