Other Shelter Volunteering Experiences


One weekend in January, the person I normally volunteer with went with his other friend to volunteer. When they went together, his friend yelled at one of the dogs to shut up; there was a miscommunication and the person I normally volunteer with was dismissed for something he never did. I was faced with a dilemma; volunteering would not be the same without him. Especially since he was the reason I was inspired to volunteer at this shelter.

I decided I definitely wanted to continue to volunteer because I didn’t want to break my commitment and because I remembered how fun going to the shelter is. I felt like volunteering would help me grow as a person, and this was proved true after I started volunteering by myself. Since I was by myself, I had to learn to branch out and talk to the other adults at the shelter. Besides helping my human interaction skills, volunteering alone also helped my animal skills. I have become more comfortable with pets in general, but I think I am slowly overcoming my fear of the big dogs. As I continue to volunteer, I hope to completely overcome my discomfort handling the big dogs. I also felt comfortable enough to switch from signing up for “new volunteer shifts” to the normal shifts. I hope to continue volunteering and have more meaningful experiences at the SPCA Shelter.


1st Day at SPCA


me & puppieshttps://twitter.com/ashmellao/status/670478562558803969

Today, I volunteered for my first shift at the SPCA Second Chance Shelter! It was such a great experience, and it made me look forward to coming back. The leaders of the shift were really nice and welcoming. I can’t believe these ladies dedicate their lives to such an arduous cause. They probably have to deal with so many problems with wild people and pets at the shelter, yet they manage to put on a smile every minute. Their attitude is very inspiring, and it shows me that loving your job helps make you happier. Since we were new volunteers, the shift leaders helped give us a sense of what to do. We helped take the small dogs to the yard, and I learned that I am capable of putting the dogs on a leash. Putting a leash around the energetic dogs was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We were supervised carefully, but I did not want to be the volunteer who messes up and accidentally somehow lets a dog get set free and go crazy. I was able to do it, and I felt proud of myself. This will definitely help me get comfortable putting a leash on my future puppy. After this task, the leaders told us there were no more jobs to do. For the rest of the shift, all we had to do was play with the pets throughout the shelter. I was ecstatic when I heard this. Playing with the pets was so much fun, but the greatest part was when Daniel and I played in the puppy pen. There were two puppies which were very tired, so one of them fell asleep in my lap. I was so happy to have a sleepy puppy in my lap; it’s one of the greatest feelings ever. It made me want a pet in the future even more. I know that I can’t wait to come back to the shelter again.

1- Application


I submitted my application to SPCA to become a volunteer. Honestly, the reason I even considered becoming a volunteer at the SPCA shelter was because my boyfriend told me about the opportunity, and we thought it would be a fun thing to do together while also gaining NHS hours. After filling out the application, I’m very excited to hear back and I really hope I become a volunteer. It would be fun to get NHS hours by working and playing with animals. My mom claims she’s “allergic to cats and dogs,” but I do not believe her. She just says that as an excuse for us to never get a pet. Working at the shelter would give me the chance to play with animals and prepare me in case I ever get a pet, which I hope I can do in the future. The application was a bit more extensive than I thought it would be, which made the application a little more intimidating. I guess the shelter leaders really want to make sure they choose the best volunteers for their shelter, but I have no idea how selective the volunteer program is. I’ll find out after I hear back from them.