Alliance Auditions

May 27, 2016

Alliance is a performance team that is composed of students from multiple schools Dancing For Cause clubs. This team’s purpose is to unite people from different schools and to encourage growth in these young dancers. Many of my friends from Plano East and Plano West were on this team, and I was an audience member when they performed at World of Dance Dallas. I was moved to tears by their performance that was centered around suicide. In May, they were holding auditions for new members, and I could not wait to be a part of this team along with my friends. However, I had to make it past auditions.

Auditions were gruesome. We learned a very technical and difficult piece in three hours, and then auditionees were expected to perform it in front of the directors. I loved the dance itself, but trying to remember all of the pieces after learning the moves very recently and very quickly challenged my abilities. I felt anxious and very nervous as auditions began. I ran through the choreography constantly. As I stepped into the room, I decided that I was just going to have fun, and to keep going no matter what happens. After auditioning, I felt alright about my performance because everyone felt they did badly.

After I found out that I made the team, I was ecstatic! I was relieved and a bit upset when the directors said the auditions were supposed to be challenging and intentionally designed to make you want to give up. I can not wait to learn and grow along with my friends.cas-2

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