Unchained Benefit Performance (pre)

December 5, 2016

Now that marching season is over, I am really happy that I have time to be a part of Dancing For Cause again. I am excited to grow as a dancer and performer. I went to my first meeting of the new school year in November, and I committed to performing for the Unchained Event, despite knowing that I am behind the rest of the members and will have to catch up. I am nervous about learning everything in such a short amount of time, but the officers reassured I will be fine.

We learned a new piece called “Who That Be” and the president required us to audition the piece to determine the placements. Below, I have recorded myself practicing for the audition. The president did not place me as lead, but she told me that I did really well and that she chose other people because she wants newer dancers to feel more confident and for them to experience growth.

I am looking forward to performing at this Unchained Benefit performance on December 8. The practices will be long and tiring, but I love performing, and I believe it will be worth it. The performance raises awareness and raises funds for refugees trying to escape North Korea. I will post an update later, hopefully with a video of our performance!




State Bound!

October 29. 2016

I wish that I could bottle up this feeling and relive these moments every day. All of our hard work had been rewarded. One week ago, our band did not have the full show put together. We learned the last movement in the week leading up to this area competition, which meant that we did not have time to go back over and refine the other three movements. One week ago, we were not sure if we would get a superior rating at UIL competition. One week ago, we thought that our band was bad enough to break Plano East’s streak of getting superior ratings. Today, we found out that this band will be Plano East’s fifth band to move on to the state competition.

Our prelims round performance went terribly. The sun was roasting us as we performed and my feet felt like they were on fire as I moved across the football field. I was optimistic that we would make finals and hoped that we could get a chance to redeem ourselves. Out of the ten people that make finals, we placed ninth. Our director told us how unlikely that the ranking after finals vary very differently from the prelims rankings. We would have to jump four spots to make fifth place and qualify for state. The chance of making state seemed nearly impossible, so I decided that for our finals performance, I was just going to have fun. I did not even imagine that our band would actually jump four spots and become state bound. At the award ceremony, the drum majors and color guard officers represent the band. When our name was announced for fifth place, my jaw dropped. I could not believe it. I did not care that the whole stadium was looking at us, the Plano East representatives, I could not contain my shock. I am extremely exuberant and I can not wait to compete at state with the Plano East band, a band that I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Leadership Announcements

May 20, 2016

As a color guard member for two years, I have always looked up to the color guard captains. These people were not only talented in their color guard abilities, but also in their leadership skills. I had always wanted to be a color guard captain, but I never knew if I would be chosen for this position.

Today I found out that the directors chose me to be color guard captain. I did not know how to celebrate the moment. I could not brag about it, but the joy that consumed me was overwhelming. My dream had come true. I have the opportunity to lead others in an activity that I am passionate with. Hopefully, I will follow my predecessors and be someone the guard will admire.


Alliance Auditions

May 27, 2016

Alliance is a performance team that is composed of students from multiple schools Dancing For Cause clubs. This team’s purpose is to unite people from different schools and to encourage growth in these young dancers. Many of my friends from Plano East and Plano West were on this team, and I was an audience member when they performed at World of Dance Dallas. I was moved to tears by their performance that was centered around suicide. In May, they were holding auditions for new members, and I could not wait to be a part of this team along with my friends. However, I had to make it past auditions.

Auditions were gruesome. We learned a very technical and difficult piece in three hours, and then auditionees were expected to perform it in front of the directors. I loved the dance itself, but trying to remember all of the pieces after learning the moves very recently and very quickly challenged my abilities. I felt anxious and very nervous as auditions began. I ran through the choreography constantly. As I stepped into the room, I decided that I was just going to have fun, and to keep going no matter what happens. After auditioning, I felt alright about my performance because everyone felt they did badly.

After I found out that I made the team, I was ecstatic! I was relieved and a bit upset when the directors said the auditions were supposed to be challenging and intentionally designed to make you want to give up. I can not wait to learn and grow along with my friends.cas-2