Half Marathon


This year, my friend and I decided that we would run the Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon. We signed up because we ran it in 7th and 8th grade, and it would be fun to do again. Ever since we signed up, we were both extremely scared we would not be ready. We were right.

I tried to go running every Sunday. After each run, I was both happy and disappointed. I was glad that I was motivated to actually get up and make progress on my running ability, but I was so devastated when I realized how out of shape my running had become. In 7th grade, I could run a mile in about exactly 7 minutes. Now, I’m lucky if I can run a mile in 9 minutes. In 7th grade, I rememeber having to wait for the people who ran a 9 minute mile, and now I can’t believe I’m one of those people. By the time the marathon came around, I still felt out of shape and unprepared, but I definitely can say that my weekly runs were better than not running at all and attempting a 13.1 mile trek.

The actual half marathon was a fun experience; I can say I’m glad I did it. I loved seeing the various parts of downtown Dallas. I can say that we walked a lot more than I would have liked; I wish I could’ve ran more, but I don’t think my body could handle it. After mile 8, every time we started to run, my muscles would tense up and start to cramp.

Overall, I think it was fun and worth doing. I rediscovered how much I used to love running, and I wish I could be good at it again. I’ll just have to keep running, and hopefully get a better time next year!



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