1st meeting



This may not be great proof, but today I went to my first Dancing For Cause meeting, and this is the only proof I have. I had a lot of doubts about joining this club. I have several friends in this organization from Plano West and some of my good friends (including the girl who posted this video) are DFC officers at Plano East; their involvement both encouraged and discouraged me from wanting to join. I saw the great time commitment this involves, and I’m not sure if I can balance this with band. In addition, since my best friend was an officer, I figured DFC was her thing, and I didn’t want to “steal her thing.” However, I really wanted to join because it seemed like so much fun, and the DFC group forms such a tight family bond. Also, my friends were often busy at certain dance events, and couldn’t hang out with me. I figured joining the club would allow me to hang out with them while also growing through dance. It would help me in colorguard because it would strengthen my dancing skills and ability to learn combinations of moves quickly.

After a lengthy discussion with one of my friends who is an officer, he reassured me that the purpose of the club is for every individual to improve his or her own dance skills. It isn’t about judgement, and the club tries to make everyone feel included no matter what skill level you are at. After going to the meeting, I can say that he was right. I felt welcome, and I’m excited to continue to participate. Although this video shows that I have no idea what I’m doing, everyone told me not to worry since it was my first time. When the camera wasn’t recording and when I was watching and learning the choreography, I felt like another person. It was almost like hip hop dancing brings out a more confident character inside of me. I’m interested to see this character develop, and I hope to be put in performances coming up later this year!

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