1st Day at SPCA


me & puppieshttps://twitter.com/ashmellao/status/670478562558803969

Today, I volunteered for my first shift at the SPCA Second Chance Shelter! It was such a great experience, and it made me look forward to coming back. The leaders of the shift were really nice and welcoming. I can’t believe these ladies dedicate their lives to such an arduous cause. They probably have to deal with so many problems with wild people and pets at the shelter, yet they manage to put on a smile every minute. Their attitude is very inspiring, and it shows me that loving your job helps make you happier. Since we were new volunteers, the shift leaders helped give us a sense of what to do. We helped take the small dogs to the yard, and I learned that I am capable of putting the dogs on a leash. Putting a leash around the energetic dogs was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We were supervised carefully, but I did not want to be the volunteer who messes up and accidentally somehow lets a dog get set free and go crazy. I was able to do it, and I felt proud of myself. This will definitely help me get comfortable putting a leash on my future puppy. After this task, the leaders told us there were no more jobs to do. For the rest of the shift, all we had to do was play with the pets throughout the shelter. I was ecstatic when I heard this. Playing with the pets was so much fun, but the greatest part was when Daniel and I played in the puppy pen. There were two puppies which were very tired, so one of them fell asleep in my lap. I was so happy to have a sleepy puppy in my lap; it’s one of the greatest feelings ever. It made me want a pet in the future even more. I know that I can’t wait to come back to the shelter again.


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